At NexDrive, we're literally growing the self-sustaining fuel ecosystem America needs. With cars like Honda's Civic GX NGV and Ford's new line of pickup trucks, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is quickly becoming the fuel of the future. As an industry pioneer, NexDrive finds and breaks barriers with innovative products and technology that are as good for the environment as they are for our country.


More affordable than ever

Compared to traditional gasoline, or even diesel, CNG delivers the same performance standards while doubling cost-efficiency. Drivers are eligible for state and federal tax credits when using a less polluting, better performing natural gas vehicle. The cost benefits are likely to grow now that new technologies have revealed abundant American natural gas reserves. It’ll get you where you need to go, and it will get you there for less.

Abundant Reserves

North America has enough natural gas to satiate our energy needs for generations. Fracking technology provides natural gas in a way that’s less harmful than other forms of resource extraction. The jobs the industry creates are all American, and energy independence becomes an attainable goal for the USA.

While the critics will quickly point out that natural gas is a non-renewable resource - that is only true for now. Breakthroughs in the synthesis of algae bioreactors capable of producing methanogens promises a future where natural gas may be produced on demand.

A Clean Alternative

Natural gas produces 30 percent less carbon emissions than petroleum, making it the logical choice for garbage trucks and buses in California because of its reduced environmental footprint. Researchers have also concluded that natural gas is the most cost-effective way for the U.S. to meet greenhouse gas emissions targets through 2030.

Furthermore, the environmental footprint is also much lighter in comparison to petroleum when calculating the impact of extraction and processing. From creation to consumption, CNG is a cleaner fuel than gas will ever be.

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A Powerful & Safe Fuel

CNG vehicles have a much greater range than their electric counterparts. A CNG taxi which holds 15 gallons of fuel can get 300 miles, the Nissan Leaf, in comparison, gets only 100 miles on a charge. With additional bi-fuel options that allow a car to run on both gasoline and CNG, those concerned with range and refuelling can rest assured CNG will not impact the freedom they have to roam.

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An Attainable Future

Working with the best minds in the business, NexDrive has developed a line of products that will provide consumers with comprehensive CNG solutions. Taking the approach we have hasn’t been easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.

Natural Gas Solutions

Home Fueling Solutions

With NexDrive’s line of home fuel makers, using a CNG vehicle becomes more convenient than using a gas one. Imagine waking up every morning with a tank full of fuel that costs less than a dollar a gallon. With NexDrive, making that a reality is one quick, painless installation away.


The case for NGV fleets

Using military grade technology, NexDrive can take your car and turn it into a CNG/petroleum hybrid. Getting the best of both worlds doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and customers are frequently surprised at how reasonable the service is. It’s safe, cost efficient and can all be done without losing the freedom that comes with a petroleum engine.


Coast to Coast

When you drive a gas vehicle across the USA, you're certainly going to be able to refill along the way at one of the tens of thousands of gas stations on interstate highways, but what about natural gas?

In areas where refilling stations are not easily available, NexDrive bridges the gap with innovative solutions that make long distance travel seamless and convenient for commercial and non-commercial clients, no matter where they live.

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